Stationery Explained

This is a useful guide to help you when ordering your stationery.

After you have decided on the style of the Invitation, Design and Colour theme for your Wedding; you can continue your theme and colour through to On the Day stationery. Everything is handmade to order from me so you can order exactly what you require with no minimum quantities.

Below is a brief description of each item and it’s purpose in the wedding range but the choice is yours.

Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards are a fantastic for sending out as its gives your guests plenty of notice to reserve the date to attend your wedding. Usually these can be sent out when you feel its right and have set a date, sometimes it could be even up to 2 years in advance; whatever suits you both.


This is usually the first item your guests will see of your wedding theme and colour. Before ordering your wedding invitations, you need to decide on your colour and theme if you have one. I usually advise to send your invitations at least 12 weeks before the day and your guests about 4 weeks to reply. Not to forget to check when your caterer/venue will need a final number of guests.

Most of our wedding invitations are available in a number of different styles; pocketfold invitation, flat style etc..  I often get asked what is the difference between the different styles of wedding invitation so I have put together a quick and easy guide…

Invitations: The Pocketfold Style

The Pocketfold is the most popular choice; its a modern but stylish move on from the classic wedding invitation. The choice of your design is on the front, these open up to your wedding invitation printed on one side and a pocket to hold the RSVP Card, Menu Choice, Gift List, Travel & Accomodation card or anything else you may require. You don’t have to them them all as they are priced as additional inserts cards.

Invitations: The Flat Style

The Flat Invitation is ideally suited as your Evening Invitations or as a more affordable option for your Wedding Day Invitations. The style is basically a flat card usually double mounted with the backing card being the colour of your choice, with your wedding details printed.

Invitations: The Flat Pocket

The Flat Pocket style is basically the Flat Invitation but comes with a Flat Wallet for a design on the front. Although Wallets are a more affordable option to Pocketfolds, it is worth noting it is only best for the Flat Invitation only not any additional inserts.

Invitations: The Classic

The Classic is styled with the design of your choice on the front and your wedding invitation details on the inside.

The Pocketfold
The Flat
The Flat Pocket

RSVP Cards

Reply cards are a good idea for your guests to have no excuse for not replying.

Order of Service

The Order of Service is the agenda of your ceremony including any hymns you choose and will usually be 4 insert pages, with the co-ordinating design you have chosen for your stationery. I advise to go through your chosen service with the Minister / Registrar / Priest etc …. so they can check they are happy with everything before you send it to me for print. Usually down to copyright laws of hymns etc.

Order of the Day

The Order of the Day is the agenda of your wedding day, this is the same set out as Order of Service.

Table Plan

Table Plans are a lovely added touch to your wedding day and your guests will know where they are sitting instantly. The design will co-ordinate with your stationery theme and colour.

Table Name / Number

The Name / Number are displayed on each table at your reception to be easily found by your guests once they have seen the table plan. You can choose to have theme such as football names, places you have visited as a couple, game names the choice is yours and it can be as fun as you would like. The design and colour can still co-ordinate throughout.

Place Cards

Place cards are essential; they allow your guests to find their seat especially if you want your guests to be seated in a particular way. They are printed with the guest names and co-odinated with your designs and colour to finish the look of your table at your reception.


To show your guests what they will be eating; these are co-ordinated with your other stationery items.

Post Box

Post Boxes are perfect for your guests to deposit your cards / vouchers and are a wonderful keepsake for after your special day. Post boxes are co-ordinated to your wedding stationery theme along with your names and wedding date.

Guest Book

A Guest Book is a keepsake from all the guests who left a special message for you both on your special day. The guest books are co-ordinated in your chosen colour and theme, will be personalised with your names, wedding date and come complete with a matching presentation box.